First Time Under the Foil!

So, I decided to lavender-ize my hair. I have been wanting to do it since early spring at the very least, and so since I  1)remembered, 2) had money, 3)had free time and 4) was motivated all on the same day, I headed over to Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. Paulina did the coloring and she was fantastic. It turned out purple indeed, so as it fades out I will probably love it even more! I do like the result a lot though. Side note: This is the first time I have ever done any sort of color treatment to my hair ever. And I mean ever.











After! Thanks Paulina!

Front view











Another one

Side view











Purple tips!

Last one











What is your favorite hair color? Whether you’ve tried it or not, I want to hear!

Have a colorful week!