It’s Election Day in the US of A!

I hope everyone went out to the polls today and voted! I did. Whether you’re red or blue or¬†independent,¬† it is important make sure your voice is heard.

The next President will be announced soon. But honestly, what is a President without a formidable First Lady by his side? Throughout the years, many fashionable First Ladies have impacted American style. Conversely, these ladies are a reflection of what is on-trend in America at that time.

My style file this evening begins where my last post left off, in the Roaring Twenties.

The wife of the 30th President Calvin Coolidge, Grace Coolidge was a beautiful and modern 1920s woman.

Mrs. Coolidge sports a very 1920s dropped-waist beaded dress while meeting with Girl Scouts in New York. (and eating those delicious cookies!)

Grace sports waist-length pearl necklaces, a short boyish bob haircut, and an ankle-skimming shift dress.

Due to a lack of style inspiration from the 30s to the 50s, I will now jump to the early 60s.

Jacqueline Kennedy and President John F. Kennedy shortly after his inauguration at the White House in 1961. She is wearing her signature pillbox hat.

Jackie wearing high-waisted pants and a casual pullover sweater.

The Kennedys on the day the President was assassinated. Jackie is wearing a pink “Chanel” suit. Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel later revealed that the suit was a knock-off, made from Chanel fabrics but not manufactured with the design house.

Betty Ford, wife of Gerald Ford, was First Lady from 1974 to 1977. I love her sunset orange dress with accent buttons. The 1970s always have orange-y undertones in my mind.

Rosalynn Carter, wife of Jimmy Carter, was the First Lady from 1977 to 1981. Wearing a long, shapeless beaded dress and coat combination to the inaugural ball, she is very true to 1970s silhouettes.

Known for her fashion sense and widely copied by women everywhere, Michelle Obama is a popular First Lady. Wife of Barack Obama, she is currently fulfilling her duties as First Lady (in mad style, may I add). This jaw-dropping Jason Wu cream gown is what she chose for Obama’s inaugural ball in 2009.

Michelle Obama is rocking a mint pencil skirt and applique cardigan on a visit to the United Kingdom.

Michelle wearing a gorgeous black A-line dress on the same U.K. visit.

I love this wine-colored dress that Mrs. Obama wore to the State of the Union address in 2010.

Tracy Reese had to rush this jacquard dress into additional production after Michelle looked fantastic in it at the Democratic National Convention earlier this fall.

Michelle Obama describes herself as “mom in chief” in her Vogue spotlight.What will she wear next? And how many more Vogue covers are in her future? The world awaits!
Still watching the states turn blue and red…thanks for stopping by tonight everyone!