Vintage Fashion Show at MIA


Minneapolis Institute of Arts.


Balcony crowd.

Tonight I attended a Vintage fashion show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts as part of Third Thursday (and MN Fashion Week, of course). It was put on by local vintage and resale stores Buffalo Exchange, Everyday People, Blacklist Vintage, Rewind, B-squad Vintage, and a few others. The outfits were daring, bright, and full of throwback styles from other decades (including 50s-inspired frocks and 90s grunge era denim.)

Here is the video of part of the show:

Fashion tours of the permanent gallery were also provided, highlighting clothing from different cultures around the world and how their culture of origin used/related to the items. In addition to this, there was live music provided by Mayda.

Fashionable crowd, perfect venue, all in all a nice evening!



Oh, Halloween. Whether it’s dressing up like a sandwich or Snooki, there really is a costume for everyone.

Two things (of many) that I love are fashion and history. Which is why, on Halloween this year, I chose to go back in time for a night. Club Jager in downtown Minneapolis had a 1920s Prohibition-era Speakeasy to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve. Inspired by the fictional Daisy Buchanan, I decided to check it out with my flapper friend Katie.

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It was a fabulous time.

P.S. Next year, I think I’m going to be a sandwich.